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Sherbet Ocean Jasper Sphere // Madagascar 1.21lb

Sherbet Ocean Jasper Sphere // Madagascar 1.21lb

OCEAN JASPER // known as The Atlantis Stone 


This sphere is another classic vintage of timless years of Earth's natural Art by changing colors in the light. It is mostly sherbet pink with some light sherbet orange tones and tawny copper tones, flowing mini continents throughout.


This sphere is linked to the Ancient city and holds mystic knowledge within its being. Look into who we were in Atlantis and who we must become once again. Stronger than ever before and failure is not an option.

It holds the power of water energy, to cleanse you through and through. As you meditate, breathe it’s essence, feel its gentle power, and push out all your burdens and any negative energy, back down into the earth. There, allow the waters