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2.65" Picasso Ocean Jasper Sphere // Madagascar 0.88lb

2.65" Picasso Ocean Jasper Sphere // Madagascar 0.88lb

This is 1 of 2 sphere's I have listed of very rare Ocean Jasper, with fossilized sea life movement. This smaller one, has clear druzy crystals fossilized inside of it, in the shape of "kisses" lips. 


It is one of the most phenonmenal products of nature I have ever seen and held. This specific sphere, has a cleansing power of peace and letting go.

As you hold it in your palms, ask to reclaim your spiritual wisdom and gain insight into any past soul records. This will assist you on the powerful tasks you are here for. Atlantis is waiting for you to bring home here. Focus on grounding and centering while in meditation or healing.


As with all Ocean Jaspers, deep breathing in a circular manner as such: Breathe in through the nose, as the breath comes up through the right leg and arm and then, out through the mouth, back down the left arm and leg, into the Earth. 


Ocean Jasper is not only an alive, high vibrational being, but it is also very rare, as it only is found in Madagascar. 


Color: Clay ecru and sand colors, with some orange tans highlighted in.

Size: 2.65" dia

Weight: 0.88 lb / .40kg

Brought back from Madagascar with Love